Wk 12 – Activity – ePortfolio


Honestly, I could not come with a relevant idea on what to make a new blog about since my major is relatively limited for blog posting with the exception of some really poor Accounting or Financing related jokes. I did not feel like creating a news outlet and an opinionated post about those topics as well. The before is on the right side and the after is on the left side. The idea of the ePortfolio will most likely be about a foodie blog. I do enjoy  going outside of my comfort zone in terms of what I eat, so this would probably be the only best option there is for me.

The goals of the website is to show what I eat around me locally and demonstrate how the difference dishes there are around a very small area. The audience will most likely be those who are interested in foreign dishes or are interested in trying them out for themselves, but want some opinions before hand. I want to let them know whether my good experiences will influence them and through detailed post and well thought out images of food, they should understand me. I have nothing at the moment, since I haven’t really gone anywhere.


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