Wk14 – Artist Conversation – Sery Kim

 Today for the artist conversation, I interviewed Sery Kim. At the moment she is currently a senior student who wishes to either continue with her education through art or become a teacher. She previously held a job through teaching. One of the things she emphasized is how relevant interning is for an art student. In the near future after she graduated, she wishes to take a year off before starting beginning her education for her masters. Came from South Korea to the U.S. At a very young age to pursue the development of her art skills. 

She debuted her gallery on December 3rd, 2015 at Gatov-West. She originally started doing figurative art pieces at start then she transitioned into abstract because of a certain class she took. She realized that there wasn’t a figurative ending to abstract art which made the concept more interesting. The ability to make the piece deeper than what it is in the end regardless of whether it’s already completed. The ripped pieces of acrylic that is meant to represent her emotions or patterns that fitted well was placed on a large wooden canvas. 


The dark color during gallery was for the contrast from her earlier pieces which were more bright and colorful. Emphasizing the idea of how a relationship exists between color. Her piece was interesting. Since the pieces ripped represented her, what I saw was a bunch of memories or parts of her life that intertwined back and forth to each other or touched each other. It gives me the dies of how the things we feel are ultimately connected to each other in some way in the end. 
Here is a link to her website: http://serykwon.weebly.com/. 


Wk 14 – Classmate Conversation – Jeniffer Palcios

Our group was actually Anahi, Jasmine, and another. Today I interviewed Jennifer Palcios who is currently a sophomore and 19. At the moment, she is currently trying to major in criminal justice because she is interested and worried about what is going on recently. For an example the cop shootings and the shootings around the cities on the news. Criminal justice major. Today’s question of the week asked what type of art actually made an impact. To her, she felt that paintings gives her the most impact. The added colors and dimensions makes a unique and interesting piece of art. Her favorite type of weather is during the fall and winter seasons because of the lack of heat. Also she loved Christmas because of the idea even though she doesn’t celebrate it as much now compared to before. Her favorite tv shows includes criminal minds, American Horror Story, and Parks and Recreation
Here is a link to her site:http://jennpalaces.com

Wk 13 – Artist Conversation – Shahrzad Ahrar

Shahrzad Ahrar is currently a graduate student who is going to be obtaining her Master of Arts in graphic design. She originally came from Iran to the United States seven years ago. 

She debuted her gallery “Wake” on November 19, 2015 at the Dutzi Gallery. Her gallery and it’s art piece were inspired by her experience in coming to the United States. Her art pieces retells the story of other immigrants and their story coming to the U.S.. Based on each story, Ahrar created a unique piece to represent the individuals experiences. The end result displays a variety of heavily different backgrounds in many and uniquely different pieces. 

First one emblem retells the story of Omar and his family who came from Afghanistan and went to America as an asylum. The government was changing too much no stable government. Code of arm is displayed in the center and the bird represents freedom. The theme of war is very dominant through the middles and airplanes. 

Second is the escape of Omar and his family to go to Pakistan then to New York through the two characters at the bottom. Middle bottom are war symbol which is where the theme of war is dominant again. Afghan map in flower mosque on fire which may represent the current state of the war or country. 

The third is the experience of being in a new and completely different area. The planes, the city towers, and various sceneries represents the travel to the area. The emblem mostly signifies the experience of traveling himself

Fourth is the current life in America like. The interest of Disneyland in California being a focal point of the states before he came represents the center. Him entering the U.S. was different, he want to see California for how it is. He got lost in free way and realized how fast food was different from his homeland. Even rules and regulations were heavily different compared to native home. 
The art gallery was insanely interesting. The idea of representing stories of other people in heavily unique styles makes the significance of each individual more special and unique. The art gallery was both up for viewing while having interactive pieces through either objects or a listening station. 

Wk 13 – Classmate Conversation – Millie Herrera

At the moment she is currently majoring in marketing, but plans to swap to education. The reason is because she wants to mentor kids and actually make an impact with her past and previous experience. She chose marketing as a plea to get serious about school, but she wasn’t passionate about it so she planned on changing her major. She currently likes to play soccer, dance, and watch movies. She is currently in the Alpha Phi Omega coed fraternity which is known for their community service. She sees art the same from the beginning and end. She knew how it would be in terms of interpretation and what is considered art even construction. Open minded and open to other perspective which makes art generally easier to get. She is an only child who is close to her big family. Her name stands for miracle in Spanish. 

Here’s a link to her blog to see more about her

Wk 12 – Activity – ePortfolio


Honestly, I could not come with a relevant idea on what to make a new blog about since my major is relatively limited for blog posting with the exception of some really poor Accounting or Financing related jokes. I did not feel like creating a news outlet and an opinionated post about those topics as well. The before is on the right side and the after is on the left side. The idea of the ePortfolio will most likely be about a foodie blog. I do enjoy  going outside of my comfort zone in terms of what I eat, so this would probably be the only best option there is for me.

The goals of the website is to show what I eat around me locally and demonstrate how the difference dishes there are around a very small area. The audience will most likely be those who are interested in foreign dishes or are interested in trying them out for themselves, but want some opinions before hand. I want to let them know whether my good experiences will influence them and through detailed post and well thought out images of food, they should understand me. I have nothing at the moment, since I haven’t really gone anywhere.

Wk 12 – Artist Conversation – Christopher Linquata

 Christopher Linquata exhibited his gallery for partial fulfillment of the Master of Fine Arts degree and to reassure his idea of paintings being meant to be displayed and not hidden. His current major is presentation of drawing and painting. Although he is not for sure with his future, he has displayed interest in teaching. 

He debuted his gallery at Gatov East on November 12, 2015. His gallery was called: “Sacred & Profane” with another artist by the names with Mike Kent. Through his art, he wishes to inspire others to push themselves for art. Aspiring others to either paint similarly or differently from what he feels about his art. His progression of his sketches and the paintings allowed himself to actually put his art into verbiage and discuss it with others. The pieces all took about ten weeks total with pieces being worked on multiples at a time. 

 His painting style is very unique. One of the most attractive pieces to me involved unique colored layers and his shadowig with shading. The mix of color reminds me of real graffiti, the color smears as if the grafitti is actually worn down by something like weather. I found very interesting that he would paint over areas that he no longer was apart of his vision and how it contributed to the layer of color. 

Follow him on Instagram at: @icon5350

Wk 12 – Classmate Conversation – Natalie Marquez

Today I interviewed Natalie Marquez (Link to her site). At the moment, she is in her third year as a child development major. In the near future, she wishes to work at a hospital and be there to comfort kids. Their job is to help manage the younger crowds at hospital and mentally prepare the kids for the hospital environment. She would make it understanding for them. She is interested exploring different places either going out to a new restaurant or generally anywhere new and outdoors. Some favorite tv shows are Grey’s Anatomy and the 70’s Show. This weeks question of the week asked: what color calms you and what color activates you? The color blue and white calms her and red makes her pumped up.