Wk 13 – Artist Conversation – Shahrzad Ahrar

Shahrzad Ahrar is currently a graduate student who is going to be obtaining her Master of Arts in graphic design. She originally came from Iran to the United States seven years ago. 

She debuted her gallery “Wake” on November 19, 2015 at the Dutzi Gallery. Her gallery and it’s art piece were inspired by her experience in coming to the United States. Her art pieces retells the story of other immigrants and their story coming to the U.S.. Based on each story, Ahrar created a unique piece to represent the individuals experiences. The end result displays a variety of heavily different backgrounds in many and uniquely different pieces. 

First one emblem retells the story of Omar and his family who came from Afghanistan and went to America as an asylum. The government was changing too much no stable government. Code of arm is displayed in the center and the bird represents freedom. The theme of war is very dominant through the middles and airplanes. 

Second is the escape of Omar and his family to go to Pakistan then to New York through the two characters at the bottom. Middle bottom are war symbol which is where the theme of war is dominant again. Afghan map in flower mosque on fire which may represent the current state of the war or country. 

The third is the experience of being in a new and completely different area. The planes, the city towers, and various sceneries represents the travel to the area. The emblem mostly signifies the experience of traveling himself

Fourth is the current life in America like. The interest of Disneyland in California being a focal point of the states before he came represents the center. Him entering the U.S. was different, he want to see California for how it is. He got lost in free way and realized how fast food was different from his homeland. Even rules and regulations were heavily different compared to native home. 
The art gallery was insanely interesting. The idea of representing stories of other people in heavily unique styles makes the significance of each individual more special and unique. The art gallery was both up for viewing while having interactive pieces through either objects or a listening station. 


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