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Wk 7 – Artist Conversation – Jane Margarette

IMG_0036Originally Jane Margarette (Link to her Instagram page)┬ástarted out as a graphic design major then she moved onto ceramics. With just three years of experience in art, she demonstrates great amount of creativity with the references to her childhood and other memories. She sees memories as very fragile and loosely held together, since memories changes over time. The art pieces is a way to make the memory more significant and allows the memory to be more permanent. Originally she was very creative and artistic as a kid, but as time progressed, she strayed away from it. Realizing others’ passion for art, her inspiration for art was revitalized. She started out at a community college in San Diego and eventually transferred to Cal State Long Beach.

She debuted her art gallery at Gatov-West, creating a memory inspired gallery. The gallery was displayed October 8, 2015. All the pieces are made out of clay, rope ties, and ceramics. Any other various items placed along the gallery are all meant for aesthetic looks. For an example the zip ties variation between cut and non cut was to create more interpretation of how something so small can help hold something to its original look. Her favorite piece was an ambiguous based piece with vertical hoops with a rope tie, since it allowed for more interpretation.

From the perspective of myself as a child, I see the rope and hook as a typical ladder on a playground that is held down which in this case is the rock. I believe that even as a kid, the idea of climbing is insanely simple, to get from one place to another. But as we get older the idea of climbing is targeted towards getting oneself at a better position socially, politically, or philosophically. The memory of climbing changed over time. Because the artist’s intent was to bring back the idea of child hood into an art piece, I think she was trying to emphasize the kid like interpretation of the ladder itself.