My room.

To try to stay true to the assignment, I had to cover the lights for the wi-fi. Couldn’t do something that everyone in the household would not approve. The amount of things I could do was insanely limited. I don’t use a fan, so my window is always open for ventilation which meant my neighbor’s lights gave me some as well. Turns out my household do not have any light sources like flash lights and candles, so the assignment made me realize how ill prepare my family is. I mostly spent my time just cleaning my room with the little amount of light there was and I just slept through the night. The assignment was not that enjoyable, I really lacked things to do in the dark or without technology. Cleaning my room took a few hours and I just slept through the rest, since I could not think of anything else to do. My experience was probably easier because I had something to do that made it easier to fall asleep.

Blood moon.

In terms of experience without technology, I am not shocked with what to expect. I have
been to Vietnam for months where there would be constant outages that lasted more than 10 hours. The amount of things to do is limited as the amount of light reduces. I would literally do nothing for hours or play card games.The experience is a lot easier by not being by myself. I assume our ancestors had some type of hobby or interest that allowed them to deal with the night. I don’t even see any type of star around my home. Even though this picture is taken the next day, it was the mid autumn festival for some countries around Asia and there was a red moon.


Wk 5 – Artist Conversation – Joanie Ellen


Joanie Ellen originally started as an actor that developed interests in wood working. Her drive for wood working started in the midst of her pregnancy. Since then, she has been developing up to her first art gallery at California State University, Long Beach. Given the limited amount of time to produce the gallery, she originally planned for the gallery to be on the outside. The sole intention of her gallery was to create an immersive and interactive environment while combining her two interest of wood working and acting within the gallery. She uses repetition of “I am dirty – you are dirty” in spirit of Sanford Meisner’s seminal technique for actor along with the wood work in the area to show how repetition shapes identity.20150924_11283720150924_113027

The gallery was displayed at the Werby-Gallery on Thursday, September 24. Ideas of nature is heavily hinted in the artist’s attempt in adding the dirt, stones, water, twigs,h and personally created wood piece. Originally the artist intended bring life into the gallery in contrast to the environment of being inside the gallery. The human nature is accented through the video footage of the artist heavily repeating “I am dirty – you are dirty” to herself. Confusion was created  by masking the entrance along with the lack of information about the intentions of the gallery. The involvement of the video was purposefully made because of the difficulty for people to recognize the relation between her acting and wood working as art. At the moment, the website is a work in progress and is not available for the public.

20150924_114422Personally, her gallery is one of the most unique gallery there is. One of the rare galleries to utilize video footage as one of the focal points of the gallery.The repetition of dirtiness is applied towards the same being, but in different roles. The realization of the person in the video emphasizes the acceptance of her identity. The repetition allowed for the character to realize her own self identity regardless of her denial. In terms of the interactive environment, playing with either the soap, water, or dirt results in the person being dirty regardless of what your decision would be. Her wood working made the emphasis on nature stronger and the repetition allowed her acting to combine the two in the end.

Wk 5 – Class Conversation – Anahi Ramirez


Today I interviewed Anahi (Link to her site) who is currently a sophomore who was originally undeclared. She realized that her ideal major was impacted and her second best option, health care administration, was easier to get into. Some of her hobbies include hanging out with friends and family along with watching Netflix. When I asked her the question if the week, what are you swimming in? She replied with swimming in happiness. She is happy for what life has to offer. The realization of available opportunities and gratefulness for them.

Wk 4 – Artist Conversation – David Mendez


David De Mendoza creates his art piece in inspiration to horror films and novels such as H.P. Lovecraft, Stephen King, and the movie: The Shining by David Lynch. Mendoza horror based art pieces manipulates the human archetype to create a completely different deities that “torments the human soul.” The lighting and the human form help draw inspiration for the placing and direction of the displays. Link to his blog.



The gallery was shown in Max L. Gatov Gallery West. The art pieces required little planning, but the art was progressively developed as time progresses. The art was somewhat alien, but there are recognizable forms of human archetype. The intention of his art is to represent fear in general. The art piece that I found most interesting and appealing was the Unfathomable Indisposition Of Eros. Oil on canvas. I am heavily interested in the horror genre which draws inspiration similarly to the artist’s. I personally enjoy work pieces by Stephen King. The art piece demonstrates a corrupted version of humans through the deformation of man itself. The babies are conjoined and grotesque shaped along with unpleasant sight of vomit being present. Also the heart is displayed externally binded by chains rather than internally binded by other organs and skin. There is a darker depiction of humans in a darker perspective. Even something like halos that are usually portrayed as angelic or holy is replaced with a blackened halo and skulls. How I see the variety of heads and the mountain represents a single person. Ideally people like to define themselves individually, but as a person there are multiple personas that are developed depending on the situation. Our heart is binded by all of the personas.

Wk 4 – Activity – Painting


The project was interesting to do from the start. At least I can put some effort with the lettering and not have to worry about making an abstract design that is out of my field. Sketching a design was really easy, there are templates everywhere that helped me a lot from the start. I thought not having a wall would make the result a lot less nicer, but it did not end that badly. Getting a clean line was insanely hard and I had to remake lines nonstop to get a normal shape. I actually ran out of the blue so the outlining got iffy. I was also luckily able to get my outline without having too much issues. My design really held up well to the original sketch. In the end the project was interesting and it was cool that it turned out well. I recognize my name which is cool.


Paint me like one of your french girls.

Wk 4 – Class Interview – Aida Gonzalez


Today I interviewed Aida (Link to site)
who is currently a sophomore and is majoring in social work.  In the near future she hopes that she can get a minor in child development. Question of the week asked whether art matters. Aida believes that art matters because there should be a break between the reality and the world and art allows people to express that break. Also she sees it as a form of expression when a person can not explain themselves in words. Art allows for a different interpretation that is easier for certain people when words are not the best choice. Her favorite hobbies are going to the gym, watching netflix, and sleeping. Her favorite TV series she watched was Criminal Minds and Friends.

Wk 3 – Artist Conversation – Nick Bamford

Nick Bamford.
Nick Bamford.

Bamford displays his interesting interpretation of art itself: “Art for me has become a way to explore my capabilities and to challenge myself.” This attempt to challenge himself can be easily seen throughout his art pieces and his ability to be the best artist he can be. The intentions of his art style is to be vague for others to interpret, to create redefine the human archetype that encompasses a larger idea and audience. Even the lack of tags and simple names on pieces further support this “interpretive” perspective for the viewers. From the placement of the statues themselves to inspiration and dedication to each piece, there is a spontaneous reason for each display. Art pieces coming from items referred to as trash, to be transformed into a work of art. His future in art is to strive to be the best while continuing his education to improve.

Sitting Man

The gallery was displayed in Max L. Gatov Gallery East and West on September 10, 2015. The material used to created the pieces ranged from cement, clay, and plaster, to random materials like electronic wiring and a wheel. The projects were more spontaneous in the forming of each piece. Originally I interpreted a head piece had wiring revealed in the back of the head as the mechanism and wires that allows the brain to function, it turns out the wiring was placed as an attempt to form the product itself.

The Hand

The texture and shape of art piece of “The Hand” and the “Sitting Man” was rough and imperfect which emphasize how nature is not perfect and more spontaneous. The Sitting Man sculpture was a life sized sculpture whereas The Hand was a larger scale display. The artist recognized that location was intentional, so I believe that the location of the two sculptures close to each other for a reason. The Sitting Man is missing a hand and is in a better condition compared to The Hand standing nearby. I think the hand being separated and more imperfect than the man signifies the true condition of the man. It is very interesting that the pieces are not completely finished and was intended to be able to see through the product itself. Regardless of the overall appearance, the minor defined details is one of the most important info there is. Through his idea of inspiration of retaining childhood innocence in his art by disregarding danger, I interpret it as how innocence can be easily lost in the end by the looks of his art.

For more art pieces by Bamford: Instragram – Nick Bamford