Wk14 – Artist Conversation – Sery Kim

 Today for the artist conversation, I interviewed Sery Kim. At the moment she is currently a senior student who wishes to either continue with her education through art or become a teacher. She previously held a job through teaching. One of the things she emphasized is how relevant interning is for an art student. In the near future after she graduated, she wishes to take a year off before starting beginning her education for her masters. Came from South Korea to the U.S. At a very young age to pursue the development of her art skills. 

She debuted her gallery on December 3rd, 2015 at Gatov-West. She originally started doing figurative art pieces at start then she transitioned into abstract because of a certain class she took. She realized that there wasn’t a figurative ending to abstract art which made the concept more interesting. The ability to make the piece deeper than what it is in the end regardless of whether it’s already completed. The ripped pieces of acrylic that is meant to represent her emotions or patterns that fitted well was placed on a large wooden canvas. 


The dark color during gallery was for the contrast from her earlier pieces which were more bright and colorful. Emphasizing the idea of how a relationship exists between color. Her piece was interesting. Since the pieces ripped represented her, what I saw was a bunch of memories or parts of her life that intertwined back and forth to each other or touched each other. It gives me the dies of how the things we feel are ultimately connected to each other in some way in the end. 
Here is a link to her website: http://serykwon.weebly.com/. 


Wk 14 – Classmate Conversation – Jeniffer Palcios

Our group was actually Anahi, Jasmine, and another. Today I interviewed Jennifer Palcios who is currently a sophomore and 19. At the moment, she is currently trying to major in criminal justice because she is interested and worried about what is going on recently. For an example the cop shootings and the shootings around the cities on the news. Criminal justice major. Today’s question of the week asked what type of art actually made an impact. To her, she felt that paintings gives her the most impact. The added colors and dimensions makes a unique and interesting piece of art. Her favorite type of weather is during the fall and winter seasons because of the lack of heat. Also she loved Christmas because of the idea even though she doesn’t celebrate it as much now compared to before. Her favorite tv shows includes criminal minds, American Horror Story, and Parks and Recreation
Here is a link to her site:http://jennpalaces.com