Wk 12 – Artist Conversation – Christopher Linquata

 Christopher Linquata exhibited his gallery for partial fulfillment of the Master of Fine Arts degree and to reassure his idea of paintings being meant to be displayed and not hidden. His current major is presentation of drawing and painting. Although he is not for sure with his future, he has displayed interest in teaching. 

He debuted his gallery at Gatov East on November 12, 2015. His gallery was called: “Sacred & Profane” with another artist by the names with Mike Kent. Through his art, he wishes to inspire others to push themselves for art. Aspiring others to either paint similarly or differently from what he feels about his art. His progression of his sketches and the paintings allowed himself to actually put his art into verbiage and discuss it with others. The pieces all took about ten weeks total with pieces being worked on multiples at a time. 

 His painting style is very unique. One of the most attractive pieces to me involved unique colored layers and his shadowig with shading. The mix of color reminds me of real graffiti, the color smears as if the grafitti is actually worn down by something like weather. I found very interesting that he would paint over areas that he no longer was apart of his vision and how it contributed to the layer of color. 

Follow him on Instagram at: @icon5350


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