Wk 11 – Artist Conversation – Kathy Yoon

IMG_0268Kathy Yoon is currently a senior in her last semester at California State University Long Beach. If you’d like to more of her art, you can check out her Instagram here. Originally she majored in math, but after some experience with ceramics, she decided to switch. She originally worked with animal like figure and stayed with her comfort zone, until she decided to disregard realism and focus on her artwork based on her own emotions and feelings. Even with a Bachelor of Arts in Ceramics, she wishes to continue on with character design.


Yoon debuted one of her final galleries, “So Many Me’s” on November 5th, 2015 at CSULB. The ceramic pieces depicted are specifically made out of various types of clay, under glaze, and some yarn. The inspiration can easily be interpreted based on her interest with yarn making and button eyed dolls. Each individual piece is a representation of Yoon’s personal emotions. The various types of emotions ranges from gloominess, uncertainty, to curiosity and many others.


Personally, I do enjoy how easily comparable her art pieces are. The designs of the doll like figures are very simple and straight to the point. But with the different alterations to the doll’s expression and position, I could understand how the artist was putting her own emotions or generally any emotions into the design themselves. Even though a lot of artist don’t have the message of the piece to be easily deciphered or specific, I feel its easier to relate to the artist when the pieces are a direct reflection of how they felt when making it originally. There are some areas for interpretation, but I could easily express a similar opinion to other students around me about the pieces themselves.


Wk 11 – Activity – Fiber Art

When I thought of fiber art, I believed it was just creating projects that are basically made out of yarn or some sort of string. I didn’t really have any ideas that would save me money, since those types of material are not really easily accessible. But the assignment did mention adding dyes to clothes or fabric, so that is what I followed. I remember that melting crayon drip art actually works to make a very nice looking piece, but there wasn’t much info about its transition on fibers. I used variations of my favorite colors which are spectrums of blues.  Not knowing how the crayon reacted to fibers is where the mistake comes up, instead of dripping it just made a dark blob onto my shirt instead. Because of this, I just slowly move the crayons across the shirt as I use a blow dryer to melt the crayon. I didn’t expect the outcome that I got which is nice. There is no possibility of wearing the shirt and which is why I used a very old shirt for the assignment. Very interesting on what a person can use to dye a material. There are so many objects that oddly works well. Prepping the crayon was more of a struggle than getting the crayons onto the shirt. The wrapping on them consumed 80% of the time in completing the whole assignment. 

Wk 11 – Classmate Conversation – Marisol Gonzalez

This week for the classmate conversation, I interviewed Marisol Gonzalez (Here’s a link to her site) at the moment she is a sophomore who wishes to major in child development in order to either be a teacher or child specialist. She likes working and helping kids in order to actually make an impact on them. Her hobbies includes playing soccer, hanging out with friends and family, and going out to stores. She currently works for an after school program for a middle school and wishes to transfer to an elementary school. Favorite foods are lasagna and enchiladas and her favorite dessert are rocky road and cookies and cream ice cream. This week question of the week asked whether tattoos are considered art and what would the best get if possible. Tattoo is considered a form of art regardless of where it comes from. Even though she doesn’t want one, she would get a sun to represent good and positive vibes and also because Sol means sun in Spanish.

Wk 10 – Artist Conversation – Matthew Dumpit

IMG_0197Matthew Dumpit is currently a senior who originated from the bay area. His inspiration for arts came from the people in his environment who pushed him through art like his teachers. He currently has a Bachelors of Arts in Metal. In terms of his future, he wishes to be in designing and wants to expand his knowledge through graduate school for industrial design. He notes that metal is a great foundation for other art platforms even if it is something small.

He debuted his first gallery on October 29, 2015 at the Werby Gallery.The art pieces took 5 months to finish that displayed an emphasis on minimalism and on impact of shadows through welding wires and steel. The appearance of the shadow was intentional which led to the use of LED lights. The LED lights allowed a crisp and clear shadow effect that resembles to a drawing that is well defined and precise. In contrast, the reasoning for not using lighting like halogen is that it would cause the shadows to be more blurred and mix rather than precise. So placing of the objects themselves against the lighting also required precision and planning.


His art pieces are actually intended to be interacted with, noted by his interpretation of the gallery “motions and emotions.” To give the art piece a better feeling of interactions rather than a feeling of something to just look at. The designs themselves were spontaneous through the idea of finding the placement and degree to shine the light on. The lack of title is intended for the minimalist designs to represent themselves. The purpose of giving titles would defeat the purpose of the minimalist designs if dictated by labels.


In my opinion, I see the shadows as the contrast of physical object bounded to the floor.The shadows represents the emotions and the physical object would be the motions. The feel of the object is skewed when reflected by the shadow. The view of an object can be interpreted generally and consistently the same, but the shadow is more open and can not be generalized as there is more interpretations up for grabs. This is what makes the concept of shadows so interesting personally. Something simple as lighting creates a more contemplative environment when backed up by a unique and perceptually different art piece.

Wk 10 – Activity – Alternate Reality Gaming

When I first heard about this assignment, I actually had a brief experience with Geocaching. The experience was actually really difficult especially if you had a bad sense of your environment. When I started the assignment, the intention was to go as a group because of my poor experience with a very small group. I knew it would be difficult to actually find regardless of the rating. 

The gps feature is neat, it gives you a brief idea of where to go. The easy scale is personally hard to get, we looked up a geocache that had the ratings of 2 stars, but after over 40 minutes we all gave up trying to find it. The one was at the Walter Pyramid. Looked through all the tubes and edging of every corner and no luck. The inability to get a result was pretty frustrating since we had a group of 5. It was nice being able to be creative with the placement of the geocache. I decided to hide mine within a tube by the pyramids, but apparently my geocache has an error with its listing so I have to go and refund a new spot for it to pop up again. Overall the results of the assignment were disappointing, there was no success in the listing and actually finding the geocache. But then again the outcome pretty much determined how I would have felt at the end in the first place. I wouldn’t go for it again since I have quit before. 


Wk 10 – Classmate Conversation – Vanessa Marquez

Today I interviewed Vanessa Marquez, here is a link to her site. Vanessa is currently 18 and she is a sophomore who is attempting to major in social work. Some of her hobbies includes catching up on episodes on Netflix, playing with her dog, and hanging out with friends and family. She likes to just be on her bed as long as she can and chill with the cold weather during the fall and winter seasons. But she does also enjoy being outdoors and adventurous. The more she gets to know a person the easier it is to open up and be talkative. This weeks question asked about traveling destination to which she replied with being able to go to Greece, London, or France. But really she just wants go out and see the world. To observe the types of cultures and state life other than of California. 

Wk 9 – Artist Conversation – Juan Martin

Juan Martin currently holds a Bachelors of Art in studio art who was originally a transfer student. Here is a link to his social media page on Facebook. He really enjoys working with ceramics and incorporating taxidermy throughout his art pieces. This gallery at CSULB is not one of the first galleries he opened.

image1 (3)
He debuted his art gallery on October 22, 2015 at the Gatov-East gallery. Most of his art pieces in terms of creation was on the spot and unique to its situation. There isn’t any official names for certain art pieces because the lack of title allows the piece be up for interpretation. Allowing the piece to become more open and conceptual. While disregarding the planning stage, the creation of his art pieces typically took four weeks in order to be made. His art pieces in the gallery includes the idea about the figurative forms of art in life.

image2 (1)

The piece that interests me the most was the mannequin esque body sitting down on the thin platform. The piece is made and molded out of concrete. The piece itself was not difficult to mold, but being made out of concrete, it was extremely heavy to handle. The artist interprets the piece as an idealization of bodies that are exaggerated in reality. He is interested with mannequins and how they are not anatomically correct compared to a live human. The mannequin is considered as artificial and empty which is strange for being a representation of us. Martin emphasizes how the weight of the piece is relevant. The thin mirror platform that sits below focuses how something as thin as a mirror that should not be secure is able to hold an extremely heavy piece of concrete. To create an idea of different perspective of what we view as life compared to something inanimate.