Wk 11 – Artist Conversation – Kathy Yoon

IMG_0268Kathy Yoon is currently a senior in her last semester at California State University Long Beach. If you’d like to more of her art, you can check out her Instagram here. Originally she majored in math, but after some experience with ceramics, she decided to switch. She originally worked with animal like figure and stayed with her comfort zone, until she decided to disregard realism and focus on her artwork based on her own emotions and feelings. Even with a Bachelor of Arts in Ceramics, she wishes to continue on with character design.


Yoon debuted one of her final galleries, “So Many Me’s” on November 5th, 2015 at CSULB. The ceramic pieces depicted are specifically made out of various types of clay, under glaze, and some yarn. The inspiration can easily be interpreted based on her interest with yarn making and button eyed dolls. Each individual piece is a representation of Yoon’s personal emotions. The various types of emotions ranges from gloominess, uncertainty, to curiosity and many others.


Personally, I do enjoy how easily comparable her art pieces are. The designs of the doll like figures are very simple and straight to the point. But with the different alterations to the doll’s expression and position, I could understand how the artist was putting her own emotions or generally any emotions into the design themselves. Even though a lot of artist don’t have the message of the piece to be easily deciphered or specific, I feel its easier to relate to the artist when the pieces are a direct reflection of how they felt when making it originally. There are some areas for interpretation, but I could easily express a similar opinion to other students around me about the pieces themselves.


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