Wk 11 – Activity – Fiber Art

When I thought of fiber art, I believed it was just creating projects that are basically made out of yarn or some sort of string. I didn’t really have any ideas that would save me money, since those types of material are not really easily accessible. But the assignment did mention adding dyes to clothes or fabric, so that is what I followed. I remember that melting crayon drip art actually works to make a very nice looking piece, but there wasn’t much info about its transition on fibers. I used variations of my favorite colors which are spectrums of blues.  Not knowing how the crayon reacted to fibers is where the mistake comes up, instead of dripping it just made a dark blob onto my shirt instead. Because of this, I just slowly move the crayons across the shirt as I use a blow dryer to melt the crayon. I didn’t expect the outcome that I got which is nice. There is no possibility of wearing the shirt and which is why I used a very old shirt for the assignment. Very interesting on what a person can use to dye a material. There are so many objects that oddly works well. Prepping the crayon was more of a struggle than getting the crayons onto the shirt. The wrapping on them consumed 80% of the time in completing the whole assignment. 


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