Wk 10 – Artist Conversation – Matthew Dumpit

IMG_0197Matthew Dumpit is currently a senior who originated from the bay area. His inspiration for arts came from the people in his environment who pushed him through art like his teachers. He currently has a Bachelors of Arts in Metal. In terms of his future, he wishes to be in designing and wants to expand his knowledge through graduate school for industrial design. He notes that metal is a great foundation for other art platforms even if it is something small.

He debuted his first gallery on October 29, 2015 at the Werby Gallery.The art pieces took 5 months to finish that displayed an emphasis on minimalism and on impact of shadows through welding wires and steel. The appearance of the shadow was intentional which led to the use of LED lights. The LED lights allowed a crisp and clear shadow effect that resembles to a drawing that is well defined and precise. In contrast, the reasoning for not using lighting like halogen is that it would cause the shadows to be more blurred and mix rather than precise. So placing of the objects themselves against the lighting also required precision and planning.


His art pieces are actually intended to be interacted with, noted by his interpretation of the gallery “motions and emotions.” To give the art piece a better feeling of interactions rather than a feeling of something to just look at. The designs themselves were spontaneous through the idea of finding the placement and degree to shine the light on. The lack of title is intended for the minimalist designs to represent themselves. The purpose of giving titles would defeat the purpose of the minimalist designs if dictated by labels.


In my opinion, I see the shadows as the contrast of physical object bounded to the floor.The shadows represents the emotions and the physical object would be the motions. The feel of the object is skewed when reflected by the shadow. The view of an object can be interpreted generally and consistently the same, but the shadow is more open and can not be generalized as there is more interpretations up for grabs. This is what makes the concept of shadows so interesting personally. Something simple as lighting creates a more contemplative environment when backed up by a unique and perceptually different art piece.


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