Wk 10 – Activity – Alternate Reality Gaming

When I first heard about this assignment, I actually had a brief experience with Geocaching. The experience was actually really difficult especially if you had a bad sense of your environment. When I started the assignment, the intention was to go as a group because of my poor experience with a very small group. I knew it would be difficult to actually find regardless of the rating. 

The gps feature is neat, it gives you a brief idea of where to go. The easy scale is personally hard to get, we looked up a geocache that had the ratings of 2 stars, but after over 40 minutes we all gave up trying to find it. The one was at the Walter Pyramid. Looked through all the tubes and edging of every corner and no luck. The inability to get a result was pretty frustrating since we had a group of 5. It was nice being able to be creative with the placement of the geocache. I decided to hide mine within a tube by the pyramids, but apparently my geocache has an error with its listing so I have to go and refund a new spot for it to pop up again. Overall the results of the assignment were disappointing, there was no success in the listing and actually finding the geocache. But then again the outcome pretty much determined how I would have felt at the end in the first place. I wouldn’t go for it again since I have quit before. 



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