Wk 9 – Artist Conversation – Juan Martin

Juan Martin currently holds a Bachelors of Art in studio art who was originally a transfer student. Here is a link to his social media page on Facebook. He really enjoys working with ceramics and incorporating taxidermy throughout his art pieces. This gallery at CSULB is not one of the first galleries he opened.

image1 (3)
He debuted his art gallery on October 22, 2015 at the Gatov-East gallery. Most of his art pieces in terms of creation was on the spot and unique to its situation. There isn’t any official names for certain art pieces because the lack of title allows the piece be up for interpretation. Allowing the piece to become more open and conceptual. While disregarding the planning stage, the creation of his art pieces typically took four weeks in order to be made. His art pieces in the gallery includes the idea about the figurative forms of art in life.

image2 (1)

The piece that interests me the most was the mannequin esque body sitting down on the thin platform. The piece is made and molded out of concrete. The piece itself was not difficult to mold, but being made out of concrete, it was extremely heavy to handle. The artist interprets the piece as an idealization of bodies that are exaggerated in reality. He is interested with mannequins and how they are not anatomically correct compared to a live human. The mannequin is considered as artificial and empty which is strange for being a representation of us. Martin emphasizes how the weight of the piece is relevant. The thin mirror platform that sits below focuses how something as thin as a mirror that should not be secure is able to hold an extremely heavy piece of concrete. To create an idea of different perspective of what we view as life compared to something inanimate.


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