Wk 9 – Activity – Transmedia Story Telling

Character Analysis: Name of the character is Kalvin Tran. He is a student at California State University of Long Beach. The goal is to complete college, but there isn’t really a plan. The character is just going with the flow and voices his opinions when necessary. Doesn’t really put the most effort for school, but just enough to get by.

Story Outline: Ann Stuart is the professor at CSULB for the photography class and she assigns us an assignment through Instagram. Students (5-7 students) are expected to answer the question and be graded. Professor is expected to be mean and students are expected to make conversation behind the teachers back.

Character is opposite of me to an extent. I have a huge focus in school and I have a plan for my future. The voicing of opinions is how I really feel about professors in school. Student isn’t like me to an extent. There is more that could’ve been added, but then the story would be more cluttered than what it is now. Originally getting a main story where 5-7 people can interact was an issue, but a class setting fit the situation so well. The conversation with Alissandra is between two student in class is the typical talk behind teachers back after a project. The mean teacher is to add more interesting attitude to the story and gives the students something to talk about. Professor uploaded all the assignments on a site and the students can comment on their posts. At least all the pictures used for the project were genuinely taken by me so that is nice.







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