WK 8 – CLASSMATE CONVERSATION – Carolina De la Torre Vallejo

image1 (2)Today I interviewed Carolina De La Torre Vallejo (Link to her site). For a typical name, her name is insanely long, but De La Torre and Vallejo are apart of her last name. Her family followed the culture in Mexico and added both last names of both parents into one. Currently she is a sophomore that is intending on a pre-kinesiology major, but she is currently hoping to change it to nursing. Her hobbies includes hanging out with her friends, eating, and watching Netflix. Her favorite foods are tacos and buffalo fries. So today I asked her the question of the week: how do you feel in the art gallery? At first it was a very different atmosphere and she felt uncomfortable. She even more uncomfortable when she would ask questions to the artist ,but now she knows she can use it to create a connection with the artist


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