Wk 8 – Artist Conversation – Rhiannon Aarons

IMG_0091Rhiannon Aarons has a Master of Arts in Print Making and is currently in her second year at CSULB (Link to her site). She debuted her first gallery at Long Beach in the Gatov-West gallery on October 15, 2015. Although this is her first gallery at Long Beach, she has open pop up gallery. The pieces were created under the idea of how interpretation and understanding of anatomy is flawed and is considered as fact when it could be false. The art pieces were made in reference to interpretation of anatomy based on old historical references and personal intuition. The art pieces were all worked on collectively rather than individually with the wood piece taking the longest due to including a new trade in word working.

The wood piece with the dirt is a representation of how even something perfect from perspective of peoples’ view eventually become the same in the end. The dirt was taken from a cemetery of two iconic women that redefined the representation of women in a patriarchy such as Donna Reed who was a sitcom pioneer actress and Betty Page who was a pin up model. These people in the end are dead and physically the same in the end. The wood piece itself is a representation of what the item may physically compare to if it was actually realistic. Her justification for its creation is insanely interesting as it opens views that I could not realize at first. (Apparently, I did not get a photo…)

IMG_0086Honestly, I have no clue how to interpret her Serpent Series, but I commend her for taking facts from the 1800’s and re associating them to the present time. This does reflect her ideas about anatomy. The historical interpretation and her art piece are two individuals representing the possibilities of a serpent. Regardless of whether either of the pieces are correct there is a fact that in the end the intention was to portray the serpent similarly to how Betty Paige and Donna Reed are anatomically the same in death.


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