Wk 8 – Activity – Mobile Public Art

Compared to all the other apps, Somebody is the worst app that I have dealt with so far. Somebody takes social media into a different lining where it relies on complete physical contact in order take advantage of what the app offers. Personally, I would say Snap Chat allows the most privacy, since you know where your snaps are going to. Instagram has the option of privacy or public and Periscope has privacy to a certain extent where only those that personally know you will know what is going on. Somebody allows a person with absolutely no information to do a task that can potentially bother another person’s privacy. Then again those that use the app themselves are expected to not be bothered by the lack of privacy. I found it strange that any person can literally spam tasks to target a person without them knowing why. If there is a future app, I would make sure there is an incentive to use the app, but not make people uncomfortable with the lack of options.


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