Wk 6 – Activity – Identity Art 


 Originally the issue I had was finding an area to do the assignment without getting people to stare at me weirdly. I actually saw my friend do her Periscope during the museum galleries and I thought that was a good idea. I joined up her Periscope and started my own. I got about 13 viewers from the start interested in the art gallery. But the amount quickly reduced to 0 even if I did show myself and asked whether people had question. In terms of difficulty, I actually forgot about the 24 hour limit on Periscope so I actually couldn’t screen cap myself on my own Periscope and on my friends. I seriously could not capture the audience. Me taking a selfie got me more viewers from the start compared to me walking around the gallery. Periscope can be easily used to share art. A friend got about 28 viewers solely walking around and sometimes showing her own face. There are variations of Periscope for other types of online stuff, so it’s a popular and existing niche. The app is interesting, but it’s still not my thing. 


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