Wk 6 – Artist Conversation – Alice Andreini

image1 (1)

Alice Andreini started out with some artistic background five years ago that eventually fueled her skills and inspirations today. Her beginning started out small on six by sixes and grew into the vibrant paintings showcased in her gallery. With the encouragement of her colleagues at work, she eventually became more serious about her art. She loves using oil painting, particularly the gouache feeling and style of oil painting. Seen throughout her pieces in the gallery, the emphasize on nature is very noticeable through the depiction of gardens. She explores the relationship between visual, narrative, and physical experiences within the context of the garden.


The gallery was displayed at the Gatov-East on Thursday, September 24. The relationship between various aspects of understanding and the context of the garden is depicted through the interactions of the objects within the garden. The various colors used within the paintings respected the artist’s interpretation of the colors themselves. She saw that yellow is vibrant and a neutral color, red is romantic, and blue is a friendly color that reminded her of the sky or water. Inspiration for the painting came from her mother’s garden and the soldiers represent the collection of toys from the garden itself. The art piece depicted to the left was one of her favorites even though it took the most amount of time and thought to create.

image1From the start, I imagine her art piece as a resemblance to Toy Story because of
the toy soldiers included. I interpret the garden in the art piece as nature and life itself and the toy soldiers are only dwelling in it. The garden is similar to a jungle and the soldiers are the one attempting to protect its own home. Or the soldiers are purposefully placed there to represent the destruction within nature itself, similar to a war currently occurring in the jungle. Even though the soldiers were added to give the piece more dynamic, the soldiers play a important role in creating the “story” throughout the art piece. It appears that the soldiers are facing each other rather than towards a direction which allows me to assume that the battle represents destruction. There is destruction between the soldiers, but the possibility of the destruction for the purpose of protection could also be true.


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