My room.

To try to stay true to the assignment, I had to cover the lights for the wi-fi. Couldn’t do something that everyone in the household would not approve. The amount of things I could do was insanely limited. I don’t use a fan, so my window is always open for ventilation which meant my neighbor’s lights gave me some as well. Turns out my household do not have any light sources like flash lights and candles, so the assignment made me realize how ill prepare my family is. I mostly spent my time just cleaning my room with the little amount of light there was and I just slept through the night. The assignment was not that enjoyable, I really lacked things to do in the dark or without technology. Cleaning my room took a few hours and I just slept through the rest, since I could not think of anything else to do. My experience was probably easier because I had something to do that made it easier to fall asleep.

Blood moon.

In terms of experience without technology, I am not shocked with what to expect. I have
been to Vietnam for months where there would be constant outages that lasted more than 10 hours. The amount of things to do is limited as the amount of light reduces. I would literally do nothing for hours or play card games.The experience is a lot easier by not being by myself. I assume our ancestors had some type of hobby or interest that allowed them to deal with the night. I don’t even see any type of star around my home. Even though this picture is taken the next day, it was the mid autumn festival for some countries around Asia and there was a red moon.


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