Wk 4 – Artist Conversation – David Mendez


David De Mendoza creates his art piece in inspiration to horror films and novels such as H.P. Lovecraft, Stephen King, and the movie: The Shining by David Lynch. Mendoza horror based art pieces manipulates the human archetype to create a completely different deities that “torments the human soul.” The lighting and the human form help draw inspiration for the placing and direction of the displays. Link to his blog.



The gallery was shown in Max L. Gatov Gallery West. The art pieces required little planning, but the art was progressively developed as time progresses. The art was somewhat alien, but there are recognizable forms of human archetype. The intention of his art is to represent fear in general. The art piece that I found most interesting and appealing was the Unfathomable Indisposition Of Eros. Oil on canvas. I am heavily interested in the horror genre which draws inspiration similarly to the artist’s. I personally enjoy work pieces by Stephen King. The art piece demonstrates a corrupted version of humans through the deformation of man itself. The babies are conjoined and grotesque shaped along with unpleasant sight of vomit being present. Also the heart is displayed externally binded by chains rather than internally binded by other organs and skin. There is a darker depiction of humans in a darker perspective. Even something like halos that are usually portrayed as angelic or holy is replaced with a blackened halo and skulls. How I see the variety of heads and the mountain represents a single person. Ideally people like to define themselves individually, but as a person there are multiple personas that are developed depending on the situation. Our heart is binded by all of the personas.


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