Wk 3 – Artist Conversation – Nick Bamford

Nick Bamford.
Nick Bamford.

Bamford displays his interesting interpretation of art itself: “Art for me has become a way to explore my capabilities and to challenge myself.” This attempt to challenge himself can be easily seen throughout his art pieces and his ability to be the best artist he can be. The intentions of his art style is to be vague for others to interpret, to create redefine the human archetype that encompasses a larger idea and audience. Even the lack of tags and simple names on pieces further support this “interpretive” perspective for the viewers. From the placement of the statues themselves to inspiration and dedication to each piece, there is a spontaneous reason for each display. Art pieces coming from items referred to as trash, to be transformed into a work of art. His future in art is to strive to be the best while continuing his education to improve.

Sitting Man

The gallery was displayed in Max L. Gatov Gallery East and West on September 10, 2015. The material used to created the pieces ranged from cement, clay, and plaster, to random materials like electronic wiring and a wheel. The projects were more spontaneous in the forming of each piece. Originally I interpreted a head piece had wiring revealed in the back of the head as the mechanism and wires that allows the brain to function, it turns out the wiring was placed as an attempt to form the product itself.

The Hand

The texture and shape of art piece of “The Hand” and the “Sitting Man” was rough and imperfect which emphasize how nature is not perfect and more spontaneous. The Sitting Man sculpture was a life sized sculpture whereas The Hand was a larger scale display. The artist recognized that location was intentional, so I believe that the location of the two sculptures close to each other for a reason. The Sitting Man is missing a hand and is in a better condition compared to The Hand standing nearby. I think the hand being separated and more imperfect than the man signifies the true condition of the man. It is very interesting that the pieces are not completely finished and was intended to be able to see through the product itself. Regardless of the overall appearance, the minor defined details is one of the most important info there is. Through his idea of inspiration of retaining childhood innocence in his art by disregarding danger, I interpret it as how innocence can be easily lost in the end by the looks of his art.

For more art pieces by Bamford: Instragram – Nick Bamford


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