Wk 3 – Activity – Social Photography


Most of the Instagram pictures are pretty simple. However, the people I typically follow on Instagram live an insanely crazy life or are extremely talented or hot (maybe except my friends, yall different). I would expect most of the people to be doing something awesome and sick. Maybe I set such a high standards for a community that I didn’t really have a clue of what to expect. But when I look through a few of these posts from students, what I see is a daily routine that fits to a bunch of us except the few with some sick pictures of a life that is not even close to what I do. The only thing special that I can really do is go to Disneyland, other than that the rest of the posts are typical things I do regularly: Netflix, eat, school, and etc. Honestly, most of us are pretty much the same and it does remind me of a community. Then again the things that makes everyone similar are the bare necessities to get by. Individually each person is doing the same thing, but differently and uniquely to each individual which is where the disconnect lies. Maybe I’ll start doing amazing things too if I wasn’t too lazy, who knows?


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