Wk2 – Activity – Plaster Casting

Looks promising!
Looks promising
Never mind.
Never mind.

I thought the assignment sounded pretty cool, making a cast of your hand and foot doesn’t sound as bad for homework. I was really lazy and did not want to drive a bunch of people to the beach, so I decided to do the assignment at home instead. Having sand already at home also made the assignment more convenient to do. But unlike beach sand, the sand bought at Home Depot had bunch of tiny rocks in it which I thought would be okay. So I placed all the sand into the bucket that came with the art kit and the attempt to get a good mold out of your hand was a lot more difficult than I thought. Sadly, I did actually spread my fingers apart, but any lining between the fingers got fused together except my thumb and the imprint of my palm. Also casting ended up being a mess, since the rocks got attached and I couldn’t really clean the sand off. I was at least satisfied and happy that one finger actually looked like a finger. Getting to the assignment wasn’t hard, but making a really good casting is a lot more harder than I thought. The assignment could have turned out a lot worse, but at least you can see some effort in that 1 finger.

I thought the assignment was pretty simple with the steps, so a good result didn’t seem too hard. I have never done anything similar to this before and the assignment was easy to follow. In the future, I seriously need to put more thought on the expectations of each step to get a good outcome from these assignments. I’ve got to hand it to you, if I need a hand anytime, I know that this mess will always be there.


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